Gruppo BolognaFiere
Exhibition area

The gallery is the backbone of ModenaFiere, an imposing architectural structure that serves as a link between pavilions.
At the ground floor of the gallery there are: shops, self-service restaurant, info point, banks, infirmary, tobacconist, newsstand, toilets and nursery.
At the first floor there is the events command bridge where are concentrated direction, secretariats, surveillance and assistance offices.
Should be added to those spaces: meeting rooms, services providers offices and terraced areas. Superficie espositiva

Covered areas
Three pavilions, each from a different size to meet various requirements, cover an exhibition area of round 18.000 mq. Two of these, bigger, (A and B) are parallels and connected with the central gallery, the third, smaller (C) is perpendicular to the same and situated near to the east entrance.
Between pavilion A and pavilion C there is a solution of continuity through a big connecting hall able to act as a spacious hall or as a exhibition area.
Each pavilion has driveways accesses and entrance doors to allow movement of goods and people. The floor incorporates a mesh of tunnels where there are all the services to the stands: electricity, driving power, telephones lines, water system. A special separated distribution network of electricity, instead, is turned on for setting up works with users attached to the core columns and walls.

Pavilions have an efficient ceiling air conditioning able to ensure a comfortable operative environment in every season.
Natural light enters from windows in the attic, while neon ceiling lights provide artificial lighting. Supporting pillars measure cm 80 x 70 and are located 20 m away from each other. Each pavilion has a bar and a toilet block .

Sueprficie espositiva Shelters
Each pavilion is accompanied on his external side, for the entire length, with a projection of a shelter 5 meters deep, available as an exhibition area or as refuge during loading and unloading operations.
The shelters are fitted with the infrastructures required for exhibition activities: junction boxes on the walls and under floor traps. Mobile galleries can be used to cover external connection areas as required.

Uncovered areas
More half the area occupied by ModenaFiere is fitted with large spaces for the open air exhibitions. As for the covered exhibition area, these surfaces are properly served with a rational modular system of distribution of the various services too.
Different sizes allow to realizing every type of lay-out related to the various product index exposed. Big equipment and machines for building industry, agriculture, commercial transport, parks and gardens furniture, open-air life tools could find their ideal collocation in these spaces.
The floor in these areas is mix asphalt. The general lightening came from a lighting tower .

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